Training in musical values  

We believe that music has the power to change lives. Music should be taught as a natural language from a young age. Our primary objective is to fight to put music back where it belongs in education; encouraging and promoting the teaching of music to children and young people.

 We also promote talented young musicians by helping them to make contacts and gain recognition, so that they can make a living from music

It is common knowledge that young musicians or composers find it really hard to make a career from their passion. There is no doubt that music is one of the professions which demands the greatest sacrifices in order to make it professionally and yet society at large doesn’t recognize this. Most of the great Spanish musicians have had to study and work hard since their early childhood. That is the reason why the Più Mosso Foundation supports them, promoting the recognition that music is not just a hobby, and that every musician should be paid appropriately for his or her work.

Promoting music in all its forms

At Più Mosso Foundation we support music as a whole, without being restricted only to the field of classical music. We believe music plays an important role in our society and work hard to get its status acknowledged.

Più Mosso Foundation; launching the careers of extraordinary and talented musicians.  

It is wrong to see talent go to waste, It is wrong to have so many musical talents underappreciated. It is wrong when only those with economic means can stand out. It is wrong that those who have access to media only have this access because of family contacts such as important friends who are well known in the music world. For Fundación Più Mosso, it is a key objective to promote, make those musicians and composers who have reached an international level visible where they belong WITHOUT CONSIDERATION TO their ability to afford a press or representative agent. These musicians need to keep building their professional experience in these hard times, and Fundación Più Mosso is determined to help them succeed. 

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