- Give work and visibility to the largest possible number of musicians, from different generations.

- Generate fans of live music, recovering audiences, especially children and young people.

- Support the talent of young musicians by helping in the beginning of their musical career.

- Promote music to performers and composers, giving them the value they have, organizing cycles and concerts of different kinds, both in Spain and internationally.

To train in musical values and spread music in all its aspects

From the Più Mosso Foundation we support music in its entirety, without restriction to the field of classical music. We work to give you our full support, believing in the importance of music for the development of a modern society.

Music is a language and must be taught naturally from an early age, giving it great importance in the school environment.

Support for young musicians to consolidate their professional careers

From the Più Mosso Foundation we want to give support to all the young musicians and dancers who after years of studies begin their first steps in their professional lives.


We know how difficult it is to be valued and recognized in the artistic-musical field and, therefore, we work to contribute to helping and giving visibility to these performers.

We believe in the talent of young musicians in our country and the importance of giving them recognition on our stages by supporting their beginnings so that they have the opportunity to consolidate their professional career.

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Più Mosso Foundation committed to the projection of musicians of extraordinary level and talent.

We want talent to be valued regardless of financial means.

For the Più Mosso Foundation, a priority objective is to promote, give visibility and manage to place at the top those musicians, dancers and composers who have reached an international level comparable to that of the best, favoring those who do not have the means to have a press agency or representative.

From the Più Mosso Foundation we want to help these Spanish interpreters with international relevance to be programmed and have visibility on the stages of our country.