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Fundación Piu Mosso
Fundación Piu Mosso


In September 2023, the Foundation will resume the didactic-social project previously started in 2016 and cut short by the pandemic.

The main objective is SUPPORT MENTALLY AND GIVE HOPE, with music as a medium, to groups of children and young people who in Spain are in a serious situation of social exclusion.

The promoter of this project got ahead in life thanks to music and is sure that, if it worked for her and she was able to overcome serious personal and emotional problems thanks to music, so will other children and young people.

It's not classical music, it's jazz, it's rock, it's popular, from movies, etc. small events with that therapeutic power that we all need, but especially those who suffer the consequences of job insecurity and poverty and do not have any therapy or see a future in their lives. Many times they end up on the streets: drugs, gangs, etc. Just if there is one person, a child, a young person, whom we manage to bring closer to music, it will already be worth it.

Who is it addressed to?

Our project is bidirectional:

On the one hand, music is used as therapy towards a colectivo infantil y juvenil en grave riesgo de exclusión social.

On the other hand, the collective of young musicians who contribute their knowledge of music to this project becomes aware of the immense luck they have had and values ​​their studies, their teachers and their own lives.

We already have some of these volunteers who, when they have reached the age of majority, have participated in social projects in other areas of the world and that is good news. Solidarity through music.


The Project has two phases:

The first phase, which is where we are, bringing music of different styles to schools and institutes in depressed areas of the country, obtaining very good results. With the complicity of the centers, during school hours and even, when necessary, with the social services present.

The second phase, give free classes in these centers to those who want to receive them and, therefore, give the option of a future job and also ensure that some of them are not part of gangs or are in dangerous or conflictive environments.

Fundación Piu Mosso