Montserrat Soret

Montserrat Soret García, a native of Calahorra La Rioja, began her music studies at the age of five in her hometown. She has a Higher Degree in the specialty of Piano.

With a clear vocation towards teaching, he continued his studies in Musical Pedagogy in Geneva, specializing in Rhythmic Dalcroze and Willems, which he will expand with Choral Conducting Courses in Barcelona and International Choral Conducting Courses in Lérida, organized by the Orfeó Lleidatá and «Au Coeur Joie» from Lyon (France). He also takes courses in practical pedagogy of Piano, Singing, as well as studies in Modern Harmony at the School of Creative Music in Madrid.

She began her career as a piano and musical language teacher in private schools and in 1990 she began working at the Municipal School of Music of Boadilla del Monte, obtaining two years later, through an opposition competition, a position as a Musical Language and Piano teacher at the convened by the City Council of said locality.

He has been teaching for years, with an approach totally open to new pedagogies. She was later appointed Head of Studies and some time later, Director of the Municipal School of Music, a period during which she expanded and adapted the Curriculum to the new Artistic Education Law of the Community of Madrid, adding early musical education called "Music and Movement» from the age of three, as well as new instrumental specialties and new genres, such as Modern Music and Jazz. It also organizes the participation of the Music School, with different groups, in the International Festivals of Music Schools in Switzerland and Sweden.

In later years, he began to take on musical management tasks, initially for the Boadilla del Monte Board of Culture and later, when it was dissolved, for the Department of Culture. For years, it has organized numerous musical cycles and events in the different cultural spaces in the town. It is worth highlighting among them the "Chamber Sundays" that were held for several seasons in the Music Room of the Palace of the Infante Don Luis de Borbón and in the Cloister of the Old Convent. Numerous Chamber Music groups from our country such as "The String Quintet of the Teatro Real Orchestra" or "The Casals Quartet", among others, were part of these musical mornings in the historical surroundings of the municipality. All this was completed with Cycles dedicated to Young Performers of the Community, Recitals, Tributes to great musicians who had lived in the town, such as the one offered to the great tenor Alfredo Kraus, Pedagogical Concerts and a great Cycle of music and dance from the 18th century, in a commemoration especially dedicated to the figure of Luigi Boccherini, cellist and composer of the Cámara del Infante Don Luis de Borbón. Composer closely linked to the municipality and the Palace, largely from the late 18th century, where he composed, among many other works, his famous Quintets for Two Violoncellos. During this season-long cycle, multiple concerts were held as well as 18th-century dance performances. A large number of musicians and groups dedicated to the music of that time participated in it, such as La Real Cámara or Jordi Savall and Le Concert des Nations, with great success with the public.

Subsequently, and with the construction of the Municipal Music Auditorium, she is the creator and artistic director of the “Boadilla Clásicos” Festival, which she will manage for more than ten editions, achieving great media coverage as well as the support of the public of Boadilla del Monte and the northwest area of ​​the Community of Madrid. The Festival, with a clear thematic focus, dedicated each edition to highlighting different aspects of artistic interest, for which important musicological research was carried out by specialized collaborators, publishing each year a commemorative book of the Festival. For this there were great soloists and important orchestras. Some of these Editions were monographic and dedicated to composers such as Mozart or Beethoven on their centenaries, or to periods of music such as Classicism or Romanticism or other topics of musical interest. Without forgetting in each of the festivals a pedagogical concert dedicated to the little ones, such as the Opera with puppets "Bastián y Bastiana" by Mozart, "Beethoven's Fifth Symphony told to children" by the great pedagogue Fernando Palacios or the " Vivaldi's Four Seasons" directed and performed by violinist Ara Malikian. Particularly emblematic editions were those dedicated to American Music from the North and South, which was called "The American Night" (taking its title from Francois Truffaut's film) where artists of the stature of Bárbara Hendricks and Michel Camilo were featured. and where works by Barber, Copland, Gershwing, Porter, Lecuona and Piazzola, among others, could be heard from Spirituals. The Festival dedicated to “Women in Music” deserves special mention, especially dedicated to female composers who did not appear in history books. Concerts for piano and orchestra by Marianna Martínez and Clara Schumann were premiered, as well as unpublished chamber works by Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann, Louise Farrenc and Lieder by Alma Mahler, among others, becoming in 2008 the first Festival to premiere unpublished works by historical composers.

Throughout his career, it will be very important to support the Young Promises, to promote the awareness of the little ones towards classical music through Pedagogical Concerts and to highlight the dignity of the musicians and the important mission that they carry out for the culture and art in general.

Currently, he collaborates with different Music Associations, such as the Luigi Boccherini Association or the Più Mosso Foundation.