Ana Benedicto

About me:

A few years ago I became unemployed, I tried to find a job, I had a good CV, but I was also over 50 years old, a difficult age to return to the world of work. In this situation, I realized that I was not going to find a job and the alternative was to stay at home with my arms crossed waiting for retirement or start something that I had always wanted: a non-profit Foundation, an NGO, to support music. and musicians in Spain, especially young people. And that's what I did. Without means, I don't even know how, in an artisanal way, little by little I was organizing this small foundation that, at times, has welcomed so many musicians, young and not so young, orchestras, jazz groups, international soloists, etc.

I come from the business world: a family SME and I worked in a multinational in the world of Marketing for many years and I thought that the experience I had from all those years of work, in different fields, could help me in this one (I always tell it, I have been working since I was 14 years old and I live it as a unique and enriching experience).

Now I am cultural manager of the Foundation that I preside over and I live it with enthusiasm. People who call me know that I am always on the phone, that I personally assist everyone and that, if I can help, I am happy to do so. I get to do a little of everything, as you know, but it is exciting and hard at the same time, with many frustrations, but also with great successes. One of the objectives, given that there is not much money: to treat the musicians exquisitely.

And, despite the lack of means, nothing has prevented me from programming hundreds of concerts of different types in absolutely different spaces and even in different cities. In 2019 there were 300 concerts between those programmed by us and those we achieved in other programs and festivals, for our musicians. I feel proud of all of it, it was crazy, but it was done.

Now I have the challenge of ensuring that the Foundation that I preside over resumes full activity, after the terrible pandemic and hiatus of almost two years. I am sure that with tenacity and daily work, we will achieve it.

And I am happy.