Sponsorship and patronage


Our Sponsorship and Patronage program allows a perfect symbiosis in which the great beneficiaries will be, on the one hand, children and young people who will enjoy and learn with music and, on the other hand, the culture and musicians who need our support. Also companies that will have their discount corresponding to what they contribute.





In order to make a one-time donation and help us improve the quality of life of our children and young people, also of our musicians, you can make a transfer to:


CCC: ES40 2038 1821 7760 0061 3670 PIÙ MOSSO FOUNDATION


Beneficiary: PIÙ MOSSO Foundation.

Concept: your name and surname

Then send us an email to: gestioncultural@fundacionpiumosso.com

with your name, surname, full address (address, province, town, postal code) and your DNI / NIE / CIF.