THE PIÙ MOSSO FOUNDATION is a non-profit cultural institution with these fundamental objectives:


. Give work and visibility to the largest possible number of musicians, from different generations.


. Generate a love for live music among children and young people, recovering audiences for live music.


. Support the talent of young musicians, helping them in the beginning of their musical career.


. Promote music, to performers and composers, giving them the value they have, organizing cycles and concerts of different types, both in Spain and internationally.


Social, educational, didactic-musical project


Create a network of musicians in each province who act in a coordinated way.

Contact with all the schools and institutes of the country, especially those in areas of greater risk of social exclusion.


We will attend with our music, during school hours, all schools.

We will give our little educational concerts.


We will talk with children and young people about the benefits of music in their lives, as something non-material to hold on to in bad times. Something positive, cheerful in good times.


The schools will not pay for the events, although they can donate those small amounts that they have at some point.


Musicians get paid through the Foundation.